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About Us

We handle cases that change lives.

About Peiffer Wolf

Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise (“Peiffer Wolf”) is a law firm nationally recognized for handling cases on behalf of those who have been wronged and suffered at the hands of others. Throughout the years, our team of smart, experienced, and dedicated individuals has produced top-quality work while building strong relationships with our clients and each other.

We are fully prepared to assist our clients, protect their privacy, and guide them through the whole process in sexual abuse or sexual assault cases. Our attorneys know how important it is for survivors to count on a compassionate team, so we create a safe space for everyone to share their story, where we can communicate with you with the utmost care and transparency.

Meet our team here.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault, you should Contact Us immediately. Remember: everything you share with your lawyer is confidential.

How We Work

We have represented many survivors against institutions, organizations, and individuals that failed their duty to keep our clients safe and/or provide the necessary support following a sexual abuse/sexual assault situation(s). Each case is different and our past successes are not indicative of future results; we will be glad to review your case and advise you as to your options, at no charge.

We generally represent survivors on a “contingency fee” basis, meaning we do not charge any legal fees unless and until we secure monetary compensation for you. Our general practice is to advance the case costs on the client’s behalf and recoup them out of (and up to) the amounts recovered. A few jurisdictions (states) require the client to be responsible for the case costs; whenever that is the case we explain to the client what those costs entail.

Get a Free Consultation

If you believe you have been wronged or suffered injuries at the hands of others , it is important to take action. You may call at (504) 523-2434, email us, or contact us by using the Contact form on this page, and tell us about your case. There is no charge for us to evaluate your case.

Free Consultation

Everything you share with us on this form is confidential. However, due to the sensitive nature, feel free to only write down what you are comfortable with sharing right now.

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